Presentation OPTIMET Sensors (Coordinate measuring machine laser)

Optimet's sensors are based on the unique conoscopic holography technology. This unique technology provides the sensors with numerous major benefits when integrated in measurement devices.


  • Resolution & Reproducibility,
  • Universality & Cost-Efficiency,
  • Versatility & Robustness,
  • Bore Holes and Hard-to-Measure Geometries,
  • Grazing Incidence Measurement,
  • Etc.

Optimet products :
ConoProbe | ConoLine | Smart ConoProbe | ConoScan 4000

Le ConoProbe

The ConoProbe HD (High Definition) is a very high precision optical conoscopic holography sensor, for distance, surface contour, 2D profile, thickness and 3D measurements. The Conoprobe HD has high lateral resolution due to its small laser spot size, therefore producing measurements in high accuracy of small features and small radii for quality control, inspection and metrology applications. The ConoProbe HD is able to measure shiny machined parts. The ConoProbe HD has optional interchangeable objective lenses, enabling measurements in flexible ranges.

Le ConoLine

The ConoLine is a co-linear non-contact line measuring sensor. Its unique telecentric optical design overcomes the shadowing effect that is common with other line sensors in the market today. It has optional interchangeable objective lenses, enabling measurements of <5µm precision.


Le Smart ConoProbe

Le ConoScan 4000

High Precision Cost Effective 3D Measurement Scanner and Analysis S/W for precision and free form objects:
  • Profile & 3D Inspection
  • 3D Metrology for Research
  • Surface Topography Analysis
  • CAD Compare

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