VISIONIC was born from the merger of two companies specializing for over 20 years in the vision: ADDS CONCEPT and ESOX Technologies. 

The old company ADDS CONCEPT, expert in industrial and specialized in machine vision. The last ten years have been devoted to achieving 
powerful software and adaptable to all products from the market vision. 

These investments have helped to build bases for expert our development and manufacture of special machines control from optical technologies. 

The old company ESOX Technologies, was built by the group VISIONIC in 2008. She conceived and realized control solutions online 
adapted to industrial environment, in partnership with the camera manufacturer and software publisher COGNEX. 


The team has therefore VISIONIC over 20 years experience in the mastery of integration, combining machine vision, robotics, mechanics, automation and industrial IT.


The combination of these examinations give VISIONIC a very important asset in mastering these optical technologies and their  industrial use. The biggest French industrial groups use the powers of VISIONIC in sectors as diverse as automotive, energy, pharmaceutical, food processing, packaging and electronics.



CodEx'PRESS is an industrial computer company specializing in automatic identification and information technology for careers Press. The company has developed products to increase the mobility, reliability of operations and providing tools for decision support both at production sites in the logistics centers. 

Today, with his experience, CodEx'PRESS offers quality solutions to all businesses of the Press:

- For custodians Press. 
- For the newspaper. 
- To the editors of the PQR / PQD. 
- For the printers.