Industrial vision in Cosmetics

Automated systems control both packaging and bottle markings, decors, shapes, and liquid content (color, viscosity). Speed and precision of data capture and processing are key to cosmetic manufacturers’ ability to raise productivity without adversely affecting product quality and packaging feel or appearance.

Lasers, cameras and a wealth of sensors are available for precision controls at all stages of the manufacture of personal hygiene and beauty products. They improve output efficiency and continuity of supervision end-to-end. Combined with digital monitoring techniques and robotics, capacity to identify non-conformance is available at all points of high speed conditioning lines, thereby reducing loses by faster reaction to processing faults or product defects.

Visionic industrial vision integrators have the knowledge and skills to introduce and ensure the efficient operation of a vast range of tools to meet specified requirements. Our detailed knowledge of machine vision technology backed up by our in-house R&D gives you access to the expert knowledge that is key to the future of this industry.

Une femme contrôle des produits de cosmétique
  • Aspect control,
    • Aspect and orientation control, component identification, sorting and counting.
  • Identification / Sorting technologies,
    • Component sorting, counting, aspect and orientation controls.
    • Fixed or sequential image acquisition, storage and management.
    • Real time acquisition of image points, electronic data storage.
    • Part number read-out and vision-based identification.
    • Object identification by DPM readout.
  • Dimensional control, 
    • Contact-free 3D part measurement.
    • Contact-fee 2D measurement of spinning parts.


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