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Assistance and maintenance services for vision and industrial computing systems

As in all industries, your production facility requires upgrading and rationalization to ensure both current and future performance. Whether or not these services are entrusted to Visionic, we are available to provide longer term or occasional support.

Among issues faced are:

  • variable quality of manufactured components
  • new range of manufactured products
  • ageing/obsolescence of heritage installations
  • compliance to new standards (health and safety at work, labor regulations)
  • repair/replacement of defective parts on production lines
  • in all cases, Visionic experts in vision and industrial computing are on hand when need be to service your production facilities.


Visionic : a team of experts at your service.

Visionic provides extra support in the post integration/deployment phases of machine vision system roll-out. We offer a guaranteed service with commitment to performance criteria and service level agreements.

Visionic also provides assistance and maintenance services for optical controls systems deployed in whatever type of facility, involving :

  • Hotline / Remote assistance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Curative Maintenance
  • Retrofit
  • Training

Comprehensive and high performance support is provided by teams of highly qualified technical and engineering personnel who have detailed knowledge of optical technologies in all their forms (1D, 2D, 3D, linear, X-ray …), and of all types of application (dimensional control, robot guidance, traceability …).

As an expert in vision systems integration, and fully familiar with market developments since 1990, Visionic has installed and continues to maintain several thousands of industrial measurement and control systems across the world.

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Visionic know-how

  • Fine-tuning mechanical-optical systems
  • On-site parameter setting and control optimization
  • Component sourcing and renewal
  • Installation certification support services
  • Performance monitoring

On completion of each assistance mission, a report is drafted specifying the actions performed, their outcomes and recommendations for further action if requested.

Visionic system maintenance services

From the range of Visionic maintenances services, pick what suits you best. Call us in an emergency or sign up to periodic inspections to verify stable performance levels. Visionic issues an inspection report for each call-out.

Contact our sales team who will proposed services to suit your specific needs.

An expert in industrial vision for over 25 years


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