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Vision de la conception optique

Visionic – specialist integrator of
vision and industrial computing systems!

As a manufacturer, you know that monitoring the efficiency of your production lines is the necessary but not sufficient key to success. The real need is for continuous improvement.

How? is the question. These environments are complex. They deploy, to varying degrees, dimensional controls, component identification, pick and place, aspect and compliance control. The vision technologies at work are equally complex. 2D and 3D systems depend on
techniques as diverse as laser triangulation, stereo vision, flight times, holographic conoscopy, chromatic confocal sensing and infra-red thermography. Expertise in systems integration is therefore critical.

Visionic is more than a specialist in vision and industrial computing. We are an integrator driving higher performance in all systems by identifying their inherent weaknesses and the means to remedy them.


Visionic — a comprehensive range of services delivered to guaranteed levels of performance

Although Visionic has in the last 25 years focused on the interoperability of optical acquisition and data processing systems, our scope now extends to the full range of issues faced by users of vision and industrial computing solutions.

Visionic has all the skills required to implement control and robot guidance solutions, using the most sophisticated optical technologies tailored to the needs of industrial manufacturing in the age of advanced electronic automation.

The full range of skills needed for the design and deployment of machine vision tools are integrated by Visionic into its proprietary Intellicheck software. This standard tool is both modulatable and compatible, not only with a broad range of optical supervision and control technologies, but with industrial software automated processing systems more generally.

Visionic has at its disposal all the human, hardware and software resources to manage ambitious process improvement projects. Their successful completion is guaranteed by integration services that validate the attainment of target efficiencies.

Visionic value-added ?
Comprehensive solutions and commitment to results.

Intellicheck — machine vision software designed for process control, output measurement and robot guidance.

Vision d'un homme qui utilise une machine industrielle


Design services:

  • Optical and optical-mechanical engineering
  • Optimized optical technology
  • All-inclusive solution design (optical, mechanical, digital)
  • Comprehensive 3D drawings
  • Virtual simulation of outcomes

Integration services:

  • Context-driven outline design
  • Detailed implementation specifications
  • As-built drawings of mechanical, electrical and pneumatics systems
  • Programming (automation, robotics, informatics, image processing, MMI)

Deployment services:

  • In-house project design to be approved prior to implementation
  • Implementation on-site
  • Project roll-out in dedicated space
  • Electrical/pneumatic/automation connections
  • Operational testing
  • Production
  • Optical learning process (data acquisition and processing)
  • On-going performance enhancement to achieve contractual performance

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