Machine vision enables non-intrusive monitoring of product shipment, storage and transportation. Visionic’s software and tools highlight defects for fast removal of faulty product in the delivery chain. Faster and more discriminating controls boost profitability by limiting non-quality losses.

The range of devices monitoring products in storage or in transit is such that our experts in industrial vision technology are on hand to provide optimal guidance and enhance delivery performance.

Logistics and computerized stock-picking are at the leading edge of the development of the industrial plant of the future. Visionic decision-making assistance makes the difference!

Secteur d'activité des entrepôts logisitiques
Entrepôts logistiques avec des palettes de bois
  • HSE improvements, 
    • Floor marking for automated forklift positioning.
    • Night time road sign reflectivity measurement.
    • Digital image processing for road traffic analysis.
    • TIMEDISK management of driving times
    • Car park intrusion surveillance.
  • Quality / compliance controls, 
    • Automated cracking measurement on experimental road surfaces.
    • Measurement of lost time in road-rail offload / reload.
  • Assembly control, 
    • Continuous flexographic film print positioning.
    • Material sizing and overlays in baby nappy manufacture.
  • Aspect control, 
    • Tube inspection report management.
    • Kitchen sponge aspect control.
    • Filter component size and aspect control.
  • Identification / Sorting, 
    • Optical character recognition for product identification.
    • Wood selection and line-up before CNC lathe operation.
    • Photo pouch control and sorting.
    • Vehicle number-plate read-out.
    • Automated passenger count.
  • Dimensional control, 
    • Wood bead size control.
    • Mapping household waste disposal pits.
    • Driverless vehicle positioning control.
    • Video camera measurement of visibility and distance.
  • Robot guidance,
    • Robotized maintenance of inaccessibly located cameras and electrical/electronic devices.
    • Robotized road surface white marking application.
    • Submarine robot reset assistance system.
    • Digital image compression on POTS and ISDN telephone networks.
    • Weather data consultation interactive terminals.
    • CERBERE digital video-surveillance system.
    • Truck tachograph disk image capture and storage.


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