Metallurgy – Steel-making

In often ultra-high temperature environments, where protection is required from potentially harmful gases, the huge stresses of pressing, rolling and stamping machinery and the heat of foundry-work make the contribution of high-tech industrial vision monitoring even more valuable to ensuring health and safety while improving efficiency in these demanding and highly automated sectors.

Technologically advanced supervision and control tools are essential in the metallurgical and steel-making industries.

The introduction of smart product and process controls in extreme environments is challenging and requires expert input based on full understanding of the risks and stresses to which advanced monitoring facilities are exposed.

Visionic integrators bring to industrial operators a detailed knowledge of the range of purpose-designed and ruggedized devices that are critical in these demanding environments.

Visionic expert integration capacity is not only a source of value-added but will help propel your industry into the industrial process control of the future.

Chaine de production du secteur métallurgie
  • Quality / compliance control, 
    • Quality control of links in the transmission chain.
    • X-ray control of titanium powder quality.
    • Copper tube connection control.
    • Timing device quality control.
  • Assembly control, 
    • Sheet metal welded bolt control.
    • Component orientation and positioning control.
    • Weld presence control.
  • Aspect control, 
    • Control of dimension and aspect of continuous cast steel slab.
    • Tinned copper strip aspect control.
    • Metal plate aspect control.
  • Identification / Sorting, 
    • DPM read-out on machined item.
    • Component read-out and identification.
    • 2D/3D measurement: CONOSCAN.


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