Luxury and the quest for excellence

The quest for unrivalled quality is unending in the luxury industry which seeks excellence in both form and substance. Zero defect . 2D / 3D machine vision and digital monitoring facilities are critical to unblemished quality. New technology discerns faults invisible to the naked eye. Innate quality is assessed non-destructively by techniques identifying the sophisticated assembly processes that differentiate true luxury from its counterfeit.

Machine vision inspections of materials identify defects even as production takes place, improving output while ensuring ever higher levels of product integrity for a demanding clientele.

Information technology, image capture and processing interact to enhance the peculiar quality and distinctiveness of hand-working while identifying the labor-saving tasks better assigned to machinery of ever-greater precision.

In this industry, designers and artificers outdo each another in creativity. Yet their original creations must be faithfully reproduced for the consumer market. The sophistication of the vision technologies required to monitor production make the input of Visionic integrators all the more valuable.

Luxury, the most creative of industries, has boldly embraced the technologies of the future. Sophisticated garments are the vehicle of the Internet of Things. Their making is guided by interconnected monitoring processes that are precursors of 4.0 Industry, thereby ensuring that the expectations of the most demanding customers are always met.

Produits de maroquinerie du secteur du luxe
  • Quality / compliance control, 
    • Packaging marking compliance control.
    • Packaging fold compliance control.
    • Time-piece component quality control.
  • Aspect control, 
    • Polyethylene bottle molded shape identification and selection.
    • Component aspect, orientation, selection and counting control.
    • Marking control.
  • Identification / Sorting, 
    • Optical character recognition for object identification.
    • TV advert broadcast monitoring.
    • Image processing system.


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