Feasibility Study

Étudier la vision d'une étude de faisabilité

Feasibility study :
assessing the real potential for performance improvement

Degraded performance on a production line is immediately apparent. But what is to be done? Attempted remedies risk further stressing to an overburdened system.

Whatever the circumstances, a feasibility study will likely be needed to determine the right technology and a recommended course of action closest to known needs.

Entrusting your feasibility study to an expert such as Visionic sheds objective light on the issues you need to address.

Visionic is a provider of expertise in the optical, mechanical and IT fields. Familiar with wide range of industrial applications, from robot guidance to aspect and conformance controls, we help determine the ideal scale of project roll-out.


Implementation of industrial vision projects.

Whatever the level of complexity and constraints of your production environment, and whatever your project, Visionic is a provider of expertise and experience making a valuable contribution to sound decision-making in matters of optical control and/or robot guidance systems.

Visionic is one of the very few companies to warrant that the completed project will meet the levels of performance and the outcomes specified. Because each project is unique, Visionic enters into a contractual commitment to study and take into consideration all the
relevant parameters of your production lines. We guarantee that project outcome will fully meet expectations. And we go a step further by making provision for alternative approaches if unavoidable constraints adversely affect timetable, budget and human resources, and put the projected outcome at risk.

Visionic feasibility studies are performed in 6 stages:
1. Contact with customer and outline project definition (identification of needs, timetable, budget)
2. Development of specifications through consultation. Visionic may guide customers through the drafting of their own specifications, if there are none pre-existing.
3. Choice of possible technologies
4. Drafting feasibility study
5. Handover of conclusions and of provisional project budget
6. Project execution and service integration (performed in-house by customer or by Visionic). This takes place once the customer approves the recommendations and formally orders project go-ahead.

With the feasibility study in its hands, Customer may entrust the integration process to its in-house resources , or to Visionic. Whichever, Visionic teams remain available as sources of specific training in industrial vision technologies. Visionic may also commission outsourced
management services to raise your in-house skills and ensure end-to-end project management.

Visionic Know-How

Expert en étude


Our teams support you by testing the sample materials you entrust to us. Visionic may work in customer premises on the feasibility study. Once finalized, a report is handed to the Customer, specifying the technologies we recommend and the limitations of the solutions proposed, having regard to the specific features of your process.


  • Materials integrity control / foreign body detection
  • Dimensional control
  • Presence/absence/assembly controls
  • Automated unloading/depalletization
  • Food product integrity
  • Welding inspection
  • Object identification and sorting

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