Onboard vision system for industrial computing applications

Among the many optical supervision systems developed in-house by Visionic since 1990, the Robocheck© sensor array offers optical control capabilities to meet the needs of the most complex production lines.

A concentrate of technology, the Robocheck© sensor is directly fixed to the robot and is designed to maintain the desired focus independently of x, y, z robotic orientation, acceleration and deceleration.

Robocheck© characteristics in more detail are :

  • High definition digital matrix camera
  • Chromatic, monochromatic or NIR camera
  • Multi-spectrum annular LED light sources
  • Range of lenses to suit specified inspection fields
  • Dimensions : 148 mm x 116 mm x 116 mm
  • Plug and play interoperability with Intellicheck©
  • Focus in milliseconds, variable depth of field
  • Working distance between 100mm and 800mm
  • Optimized robot points and cycle times
  • Robot-movement-independent liquid lens adjustable to variable depth of field,
    without change of Robocheck© sensor positioning
  • M12 connections
  • Upgradable performance to meet enhanced breadth and depth of field specifications


Option :


  • Additional low angle light sources
  • 4 segments stereophotometry solution
Robocheck capteur de la solution embarquée sur robot Visionic

Multiple functions packed into a single sensor

The ultra-versatile Robocheck© sensor has been developed to respond to numerous applications in increasingly complex modern production facilities across a wide range of sectors.

Control functions :

  • Presence / absence detection
  • Position control
  • Dimensional verifications
  • Optical character recognition
  • Bar and datamatrix code read-out
  • Color matching and verification
  • Non-conformance detection
  • Component inspection
  • Geometrical control
  • Bin picking


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