Precision monitoring, rigorous manufacturing controls, product conformance and patient safety are nowhere more important than in the pharmaceuticals industry. New technological tools assure traceability to an unprecedented level of detail. Compositions are made up and processed to tolerances never before so fine.

Machine vision technologies are critically important in today’s pharmaceutical industry, and will be more so in the future.

Camera inspections monitor the inner conditioning and outer packaging of medicines processed at ultra high speed. The demand for faultless quality makes industrial vision technologies an absolute necessity.

Optimal deployment of machine vision requires the input of specialists who are ready to team up with production line machinery-makers to integrate smart visual monitoring and measurement techniques for optimal end-to-end efficiency. Our knowhow not only permits more rigorous surveillance of production lines but is a rich source of data to be mined and enhance returns on investment.

As new and more stringent standards are enforced, the pharma industry is crossing the threshold into the manufacturing of the future, where the pace of innovation, driven by digital advances, will accelerate still further. By helping reduce production losses, respond faultlessly to specifications and to medical need, and assure unerringly accurate traceability, Visionic’s machine vision expertise has an ever more crucial role to play in this industry.

Chaine de production pharmaceutique
  • Quality / compliance control, 
    • Control of presence of printer head and of quality of marking.
    • Marking and legibility controls.
    • Medicinal ampoule content control.
    • Blister pack compliance control.
    • Lacquer quality control.
  • Identification / Sorting, 
    • Optical character recognition
    • Fixed or sequential image acquisition, storage and management.
  • Robot guidance,
    • Monitoring biological samples.
  • Injection press output control,
  • Dimensional control,
  • Syringe control,
  • Counting,


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