Food industry

Machine vision systems make a major contribution to the food sector

Of all industries, food most directly affects consumers. All aspects of food presentation, preparation and conditioning are of vital concern. And because this is a highly competitive mass market, perceived value for money in the eyes of consumers is critical—often driving slim margins and the battle for market share of the biggest brands. While at the same time, consumers demand higher quality, healthier and contamination-free food. Machine vision technology is vital across-the-board, whether monitoring the logistics, sales, profitability and effective standardization of popular products, or providing specialized controls
of food safety and gustatory quality.

Automated food production lines cannot operate without machine vision technology. Robotics, 2D/3D vision, image grab and processing, laser triangulation, automated machine vision systems are drivers of faster and more flexible control facilities. As aspect identification becomes more discriminating, and picking and packaging more efficient, the potential to boost margins is more highly valued by the most innovative players. The food industry is reliant on a huge variety of sensors, cameras and software whose interaction, optimized by skilled integrators, is critical to the successful deployment of machine vision technology.

Visionic’s insight into the complexities of food processing is deepened by our R&D facility, focusing on the software and neural interconnectedness of the upcoming 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

Chaine agroalimentaire avec des bouteilles d'huile
  • Quality / compliance controls,
    • Package marking controls
    • Digital image fertilizer formulation control
    • Fat content assessment in salt meats
    • Packaging fold compliance control
    • Package marking
  • Aspect control,
    • Aspect and sugar lump positioning control. 
  • Identification / Sorting
    • Optical character recognition object identification
    • Root vegetable sizing and sorting
    • Automated apple selection by size and color
    • Candy package filling control
    • Mass production line bottle filling and capsule control
    • Product integrity control (shape, over or underfill, container leak-tightness)
    • Label positioning control


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