Industrial vision technology is vital to automation in the automotive industry and deployed in all stages of the manufacturing process.

The result is higher productivity and enhanced quality as inspections take place during assembly and not simply on the components. Manufacturers who have been able to adapt, plan ahead and introduce these new tools have gained the competitive edge. Production lines are designed for flexibility and response to the expectation that vehicles come off the lines ready-fitted to customers’ expectations. Throughput is faster thanks to vision technologies that translate into more efficient and effective controls both of on-line assembly and of finished product quality. Optimization requires specialists able to support advanced production facilities and ensure seamless continuity of output. Advances over the last few years have seen giant steps taken toward Industry 4.0 and further progress.
Chaine de production automatisée dans le secteur automobile
Contrôle de la chaine de production dans le secteur automobile
  • Quality/compliance control,
    • Cog assembly compliance control. 
    • Engine assembly compliance control. 
    • Gearbox casing seal control.  
    • Gearbox assembly control. 
    • Cog bevel control. 
    • Engine oil quality control. 
    • Ring gear DPM check. 
    • Cylinder head engraved character check. 
    • Laser-etched DPM check on gear box casings 
  •  Assembly monitoring,  
    • Bearing cap assembly control. 
    • Fuse assembly control. 
    • Valve assembly compliance control. 
    • Internal thread presence/absence and quality. 
  • Aspect control,  
    • Cylinder head aspect control. 
    • Cylinder cover aspect control. 
    • Grommet seal aspect control. 
    • Crankshaft DPM recognition. 
  •  Identification / Sorting,  
    • Cylinder head identification. 
    • Injector data matrix code read-out. 
    • Under-engine DPM recognition. 
  • Dimensional control,  
    • Contract-free cylinder head dimensional control. 
    • Pinion tooth pitch and engagement control. 
    • Wheel rim and shell thickness control. 
    • Particle filter deflection check. 
  •  Robotic guidance, 
    • Disk brake depalettisation. 
    • Side rail palettisation. 


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