Building on 20 years of experience in the industrial vision markets, Visionic draws on an extensive but select network of outstandingly qualified trading partners and specialist sub-contractors, dedicated to the right response to your needs.

Our focus is more than technical. It encompasses the value-added that is enhanced by the economic benefit of our close ties with specialist suppliers.

Partners / Suppliers :

Logo Siléane


Specialist in the automation of human gestures in any given situation to improve productivity in the industrial, environmental and food industry environments.

Logo Stil


French company specializing in a broad range of measuring equipment, from air temperature, materials temperature, wind, pressure, rainfall, humidity…

Logo Optimet


Supplier of industrial 3D sensors

Logo Cognex


Supplier of machine vision systems, of vision system software and sensors and of code readers for use in an extensive range of automated industrial processing environments.

Logo Keyence


Developer and supplier of industrial automation and inspection systems (sensors, microscopes, vision systems, laser markers …)

Logo Sick


Supplier of sensors and smart solutions designed for use in industrial automation.

Logo Photoneo


Supplier of easy-to-use high quality 3D cameras. A specialist in robot learning, enhances machine capacity through AI to pick and place objects and navigate in space.

Professional organizations :

VISIONIC as an active member in trade organizations is constantly updating its knowledge of the latest developments, which it draws on to spur innovation and better meet current and future customer needs.

Logo Symop


Professional organization of creators of industrial solutions and of manufacturers of machines and industrial technology and equipment.

Logo Normandie French Fab


This is the banner under which France’s Normandy region is working as part of the French Fab initiative, the umbrella organization for France’s most cutting-edge technology innovators. Visionic is a local player in the broader “Industry of the Future” project, that
seeks to develop clusters of tech companies and attract like-minded innovative enterprises, investors and talent into Normandy.

Logo Fédération des industries mécaniques


Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (FIM – Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industries) seeks to assist its members design, produce and sell their products in France and worldwide. The Federation works in France, Europe and globally to defend and promote a major segment of French industry.

Logo Normandie AeroSpace


NAE stands for Normandie AeroEspace, a regional network of players in the aerospace, defense and security fields, participating in the major projects of to-morrow.

Logo Aria Normandie


ARIA stands for Association Régionale de l’Industrie Automobile de Normandie, Normandy Regional Automobile Association, whose aim to sustainably develop the regional base of automotive component manufacturers, body-builders, assemblers and research establishments (350 member companies employing 45,000 people).


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