Smart welding guidance software

The VAX© welding solution developed by Visionic’s machine vision engineers automates laser, friction and arc welding operations.

Visionic’s 3D optical sensor, designed to withstand intense light and temperature, drives high precision dynamic welding operations. Easily deployable it is a perfect match to your welding needs in a wide range of assembly and production lines.

Versatile VAX© takes charge of a range of welding operations :

  • Pre-weld : automated or robotized tool guidance.
  • Welding : dynamic guidance, visualization and analysis of solder bath.
  • After weld : dimensional control of weld beads

5 to 10 times faster than manual welding

Manual welding requires costly labor which, because manual, is less than 100% reliable. VAX© eliminates both labor and its potential for non-conformances, and additionally provides :

  • Ease of operations
  • Integration with advanced automated processes
  • Relies on software-enabled robot communication
  • Real time verification of solution implementation
  • Handles all trajectories
  • Handles all materials
  • Depending on application, VAX© is 5 to 10 times faster than manual welding.

Detailed characteristics :

  • Laser directed power controls
  • Variable power LED annular lighting
  • Laminar forced air system
  • Interchangeable protection glass
  • Working distance 40mm to 100mm
  • Field : 6/13/20mm
  • Standard or elbow-jointed version
  • Acquisition and control software
  • Multi-protocol (Profibus, Devicenet…)

Competitively-priced quality product

VAX© is available in single or double sensor version :

VAX-10© Single Sensor

Features :

  • Digital processor
  • Porthos 3D sensor
  • Connection cable (10m)

VAX-20© Twin sensor

Features :

  • Digital processor
  • Twin 3D synchronous Porthos sensors
  • Two 10m connection cables


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