Intellicheck© is an industrial vision software featuring control, measurement and robot guidance capabilities.

Wholly designed for industrial production and maintenance, Intellicheck© is a standardized, communication-oriented software open to all optical control technologies and standard protocols in the industry.

As a smart industrial vision software, Intellicheck© handles all classic applications in the industrial vision field without change in environment (surface inspection, conformance control, measurements, guidance, resetting, identification …).

Intellicheck© is one of the most comprehensive vision software packages in the market. It runs all the tasks required for the construction of a complete application ready for use, and is supervisable at all times.

Numerous functionalities tailored to machine vision needs

Being a user-friendly camera-based control software, Intellicheck meets the needs and constraints of the industrial production environment. Its versatility and wide-ranging functionalities make it ideally suited to numerous applications.

Specially conceived by and for vision experts, Intellicheck© is easily integrated into your production facilities. Among its numerous functionalities are :

  • Facilitated exploitation of data processing results
  • Image replay even during production
  • Traceability and archiving (parameters, results, images, control reports)
  • Statistical report generation
  • Normal, test and override operating modes, among others
  • Bottom-up compatibility (future-proofing)
  • Simplified, single-terminal end-to-end mastery of the software development,
    programming and integration environment
  • Flexible, highly reactive, adaptable to your industrial facility

Open and upgradeable industrial vision software

Intellicheck© is compatible with all types of PLC, robots, digital controls and communication protocols. With its numerous features and capabilities, it has been adopted by hundreds of customers and currently drives thousands of applications.

Features of Intellicheck© hardware interfaces :

  • Flexibility and facility of camera installation
  • Lighting and laser intensity control, background lighting adjustment
  • Numerous interfaces with analog and digital cameras
  • Controllable camera feature (zoom, iris, white balance) allowing for variable image
    definition and increased numbers of controls, thereby reducing system costs
  • Communication with all types of industrial interface (automation facilities, PLCs, sensors, robots), supports a wide range of protocols (TCP Modbus, Profinet, Profibus, TOR, etc…)

Software features :

  • Numerous processing and image-handling functions built-in by our in-house engineers
  • Open architecture designed for standard software
  • Control scenarios and scripts (logic-based transactions, decision-making, etc.)
  • Results exportable to standard software (Excel, SQL database, OPC server)
  • Customizable Graphical User Interfaces

Processing and applications

Intellicheck© features numerous preprocessing functions to meet your varied needs including OCR and OCV character recognition, textural analysis and geometrical data extraction.

Intellicheck© machine vision software is suited to most current applications used in the computerized industrial production environment, from conformance control to particle analysis and contour tracking including the inspection of welds, seals and adhesion, Datamatrix read-outs, bar codes, LCDs, color matching and verification, etc…

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