Introduction to vision technologies and industrial computing

Whether your facilities rely on robotics, mechanical processes or industrial computing, they interact with optical control systems. The machine vision field is inherently highly complex. It calls out for expert support to train up staff in industrial vision technologies and the associated disciplines of robotics, automation, workstation management and maintenance.

Who better than a machine vision integrator with long experience in this market? Visionic is available to coach and inspire your teams to rise to the challenges posed by ever more demanding technologies and more stringent standards.

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Visionic has been providing training for more than 20 years.

Visionic’s passionate interest in artificial vision is one we seek to share. We have developed a full range training services and skills transfer methods to support you.

Whether you are prescriber of services, a project manager, developer, production operator or maintenance technician, Visionic training modules are suited to your needs and to the nature of your production facilities.

We cover an extensive range of skills. We assist at all levels, from novice to specialist research engineering. Our in-depth training materials encompass areas such as machine vision, robotics and automation technologies. Our focus is on raising skills in the day-to-day production environment.

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Introduction to machine vision

Introduction to machine vision


  • Presentation of scope of machine vision applications
  • Introduction to vision system devices (cameras, lenses, lighting, data processing
    libraries …)
  • Technologies to suit each application
  • Background information on image processing
  • Drafting specifications
  • Vision system benefits and limitations


1 to 3 days


On customer site or in Visionic premises

Camera Insight Training (Cognex)


Training on the set-up and fine-tuning of a Cognex In-Sight camera vision system


  • In-Sight-specific image processing functions
  • Ethernet communication functions
  • Introduction to In-Sight product range
  • How to set about construction of vision applications
  • In-Sight Explorer software training
  • In-Sight architecture
  • Examples of applications
  • I/O management
  • Practical work


3 days


On site or in Visionic premises

Customized training


If you already employ a vision system but need to train staff in its use, Visionic can on request devise a custom-designed course.

Theoretical Training

In fields ranging from artificial vision tools to 2D and 3D processing functions and algorithms, Visionic development experts can provide additional support to your internal project deployment processes, in the form of supplementary basic training and advanced coaching sessions.




On site or in Visionic premises

Visionic is an approved training organization (Certification No. 23 76 012 98 76).


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