In the last 30 years, Visionic has added to its range of services by making acquisitions of specialist operators. We now offer a broad portfolio of expert services across the whole field of industrial computing. We have know-how at all levels of vision systems integration. We are as familiar with the technologies themselves (Infrared, X-Ray Lasers…) as we are with their applications (conformance controls, component pick and place, robot guidance …). The range of our expertise covers nearly all customer needs in the vision and industrial computing fields.

Optical data acquisition techniques

Industrial vision systems are dependent on the continuing advances made in optical digitization technology. Huge progress has been made in the speed of data acquisition and in the quality, precision and stability of optical measurements since Visionic entered the market in 1990. Among key optical acquisition technologies are:

  • Holographic conoscopy and chromatic confocal sensing for one-off inspections
  • Linear cameras in 1D
  • Infrared thermography, multispectrum analysis, X-rays in 2D
  • Laser triangulation, flight times, stereo vision and deflectometry in 3D

Optical processing

Over and above skills in optical data acquisition, Visionic boasts expert knowledge of all image processing techniques. Our experts are at the cutting edge of developments and familiar not only with traditional segmentation solutions but with the development of AI based on Neuronal Networks and Deep Learning.


Industrial robotics are an integral part of the contemporary and future manufacturing process. Visionic’s strength is our ability to combine vision expertise with industrial computing and robotics in the interests of versatility and greater adaptability. The combination of vision techniques with industrial computing enables:

  • greater efficiency of product on-boarding and off-boarding
  • product sorting and selection (both input and output)
  • easier packaging and conditioning
  • facilitated product controls (when production lines are designed for flexibility and
    constant adaptation to changing processes)


As an expert in industrial vision, Visionic manages all aspects of vision systems, from image grabbing, data capture and recording to software interpretation. We can provide added support in these and other fields whether you use your own solutions or our proprietary system Intellicheck©. This is an optical software control, measurement and robot guidance system conceived for easy integration into existing vision systems and to facilitate industrial processing. Its versatility and extensive functionalities make it ideal for numerous applications:

  • Dimension control
  • Conformance control
  • Aspect control
  • Robot guidance
  • Identification
  • Pick and place


Visionic disposes of the combination of optics, robotics and informatics required to optimize the management of machine vision and industrial automation projects. As a systems integrator, we propose solutions tailor-made to needs by drawing on the most suitable optical technologies in the market. Visionic masters the development of its customers’ production lines by ensuring the optimum interoperability of an extensive range of programmable logic controllers and man-machine interfaces.


Reach out to a Visionic Consultant. We’re ready to meet you.

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