Tailor-made solutions

Machine vision solutions tailored to your needs

Building on decades of experience in industrial vision technologies, Visionic has grown to be a comprehensive provider of solutions in all fields of industrial activity. As an expert integrator of vision and sensor systems, we cover an extensive range of needs.

Visionic has developed its proprietary solutions (Intellicheck©, Robocheck©, VAX©), but always with an eye to their integration into pre-existing and future production lines. We naturally develop tailor-made solutions from scratch to meet special needs.

Visionic’s added-value in the machine vision field comes from embracing the broad horizon of available technologies, allied to our ability to assimilate and work with our customers’ solutions, both heritage and ground-breaking.

From its experience of nearly 30 years in the machine vision and smart sensor markets, Visionic has not only acquired deep familiarity with existing solutions—each in its time cutting-edge—but is all the better prepared to embrace the technologies of the future.

Technologies :

  • 1D, 2D, 3D
  • Laser Triangulation
  • Stereo vision
  • Flight time
  • Infrared thermography
  • Holographic conoscopy
  • Linear and pattern recognition
  • Chromatic confocal sensing
  • X-rays
  • Deflectometry
  • Shape from shading
  • Depth from focus

Applications :

  • Dimensional control
  • Aspect control
  • Conformance control
  • Identification and traceability
  • Robot guidance
  • Pick and place

Visionic’s input goes beyond the mission in hand, and one upgrade leads to another. The forward-looking solutions studied by Visionic’s R&D and production engineers give you access to technologies, tried and trusted in other geographies, that are new to your region or market.

Step through your project with Visionic support

Our recommendations draw on a knowledge base exploited by a methodology as simple as it is effective. Once broken down into feasible work packages, project progress is mapped by critical path analysis to ensure that Visionic meets all expectations of improved performance—on time and within budget.

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Visionic engineers study the project from all angles, seeking not only to accommodate perceived needs but suggest innovative approaches. The whole is summarized in outline, followed (if approved) by detailed specifications.

Icône mécanique et conception


Visionic brings the full weight of its expertise to bear on the challenges raised by the project. We take the greatest care to identify the resources required, both hard and soft, and incorporate them into feasible, fully-costed project designs.

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Fine-tuning is a key final stage in any project. Visionic goes the “extra mile” to ensure optimal outcomes. Each gateway to progress  requires the Customer to sign off its satisfaction with the work completed.

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The solution, designed and approved in advance, is fitted to or assembled on your production line by dedicated Visionic assembly engineers and fitters.

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Visionic training courses pass on to your production and maintenance staff the skills they need to run the facility independently. Hot-line assistance is available if required.

Icône maintenance technologique


Visionic maintenance engineers are consultable for their eventual contribution to your maintenance and upgrade work, as and when the need is identified.


Reach out to a Visionic Consultant. We’re ready to meet you.