Engineering specialists are required to develop new manufacturing procedures and facilities and hence improve safety and performance. They closely monitor KPIs in the fields of quality, product assembly, conformance to specifications and product final aspect. Process engineers seek ever-greater speed and precision of automated picking and placing, more accurate dimensional controls and error-free robot guidance. Manufacturing processes need constant upgrading to optimize performance. Visionic’s expertise as an integrator helps ensure the seamless deployment of the most recently available vision and industrial computing solutions.

Visionic, a leader in machine vision with 25 years’ experience, supports you across a broad range of computer-driven optical metrology and control processes. Our extensive customer base testifies to the reliability of our tools and software. Visionic methodology integrates newly available technologies into existing facilities and supports the highest performance solutions. Our familiarity with a wide range of industrial processes means we adapt and develop solutions tried and trusted elsewhere as part of a strategic vision, shared with our customers to constantly improve industrial performance. Visionic provides wide-ranging services from audit of needs to training and consultancy, including engineering input and the deployment, integration and maintenance of new systems. Positioned for partnership, we provide seamless support and future-oriented advice. Our bespoke methodology guarantees results. We record and process your critical performance data to prove the value gained from investment in our solutions. Our approach is win/win, as we focus on adapting advanced machine vision technologies to your current business needs.

With the support of our R&D department, we are conversant with « deep learning » and prepared for the on-coming wave of new communication tools and solutions in the computer-enabled vision field. We are in the market to support our customer through fundamental change by forging the long term partnerships which are the key to the successful deployment of your future projects.