Industrial Director

The ability to set, monitor and manage multiple performance parameters is fundamental to the Industrial Director’s role. A business needs optimal returns from the financial, human and material resources employed. The Director must then balance budgets, determine investment policies and assign the resources required for optimized production and profitability. Progress monitoring is necessarily multi-site. Your organization operates synergistically, you set targets for the future. You therefore need a dedicated partner to support your project end-to-end through a single point of contact with an organization that can integrate all your needs.

These are Visionic’s strengths. We have 25 years experience in vision and industrial computing and deep knowledge of automation and control systems. We have access to all available industrial process control tools, to provide you with a solution closely tailored to
your needs. Through our R&D department we are familiar with the upcoming surge of innovation driven by “deep learning” and are well positioned to provide you long term support. We are oriented toward the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and the production plant of the future. Our methodology focuses on the smart integration of new technology into your current processes. We manage both systemic design and its flexible implementation through a range of devices whether hand-held or process-integrated. Visionic expertise delivers effective monitoring of industrial processes in real time thereby helping speed up output and enhance quality.

Visionic also pragmatically advises on how best to use existing market solutions for integration into your heritage systems. As an integrator, our contribution to process optimization goes beyond system deployment and extends to the training of your teams to become themselves adept in optimization. Visionic’s methodology is born of a mindset that seeks how best to introduce and adapt new technologies to meet industrial needs. An all-encompassing vision that identifies the most rational way to reallocate resources for improved performance at least cost.