Production Specialist

Versatility of process monitoring tools is a must to cope with challenging and difficult to access industrial environments. Visionic optical devices enhance your process supervision capability. Your production specialists identify where the need to improve industrial process control. Our experts in vision and industrial computing identify the solution.

We study needs, analyze your existing facilities and then respond to detailed requirements. Once the solution is in place, we provide training. As an integrator, Visionic supports your industrial vision project end-to-end, from initial audit to drafting specifications, customizing supervision software and setting the parameters for the sensors and cameras deployed. Comprehensive project management is followed up by training, maintenance and long term support.

Visionic as a specialist in vision and industrial computing draws on 25 years experience. Our methodology, approved by numerous customers, has proven its reliability. We broaden the palette of solutions available. Our R&D is ready to partner you in any future development of cutting-edge solutions. Our deployment procedures and formal reporting on project completion are designed to feed back information on value for money. Adapting flexibly to your constraints, Visionic meets your specifications within budget and on time.